• Neonec integrates all the necessary capabilities to get the full benefits from spare parts data

    We can handle every project step from the early definition of your ambitions and your technical data structure to the enhancement of your master data and the business support to make the best use of it.

    Those integrated capabilities allow us to bring you the customized support you need to make your project a success, without being limited to the “data crunching” part.

    It also ensures that, from the very first days of the project, efforts will be sized and focused on and only on what brings business value to the end users of the data.

    Our constant focus is to bring you value, we just see data work as a mean to get there.

    We believe that only our integrated experience of both data projects and operations consulting make our data enhancement solution optimal for your activities.

    Capability framework
  • Neonec experts shape with you a project focused on return on investment

    The upstream phase of a spare parts data enhancement project is key, and a common mistake is to move directly to the operational phase without properly shaping the project.

    We have seen clients attempt to launch a project of excessive complexity – and excessive cost! – compared to the target use of data they had planned many times.

    On the other hand, excessive simplicity or insufficient quality may reduce project costs, but kill business benefits: investing less for no result does not bring any return on investment!

    Thanks to their experience in both data and operations projects, our consultants will identify the quality gaps in your current data that have a real impact on your activity, understand your business ambitions and translate them into data enhancement objectives, which will ensure the best balance between efforts and benefits.

    Diagnosis & shaping
  • Neonec operates the mass data enhancement necessary to make your data right

    Processing high volumes of technical data efficiently requires the right mix of data projects experience, lean methodology, adapted tools and human workforce.

    With its unique positioning, Neonec integrates all of this to offer a turnkey data enhancement service and deliver fully enhanced data.

    Neonec classifies and homogenizes technical data, even when poor initial data quality or complex specific cases require human interpretation on top of automated analysis.

    Neonec also enriches raw data, gathering the missing information from manufacturer catalogues, before translating data both in local languages used by maintenance operators and in English to support worldwide spare parts comparison.

    The most important part: all of the above is done with the level of detail and quality needed to turn data enhancement into concrete business benefits.

    Data enhancement
  • Neonec supports you to make the best use of your enhanced spare parts data

    On top of allowing quick part identification, a complete and well-structured data set is the necessary basis to segment and compare the numerous references of spare parts efficiently, with multiple applications for inventory optimization, spare parts sourcing or engineering.

    Parts comparison allows quick inventory reduction through the removal of duplicates.

    Between different plants, it enables a mutualized inventory and allows prices to be negotiated based on consolidated volumes.

    Parts with similar technical attributes are potential substitutes, or could be eligible for standardization.

    Neonec offers efficient comparison tools and an adapted analysis set. As the same comparison rules will not apply for an O-ring or a motor, Neonec also brings the necessary understanding of the technical content to make the best use of tools and data.

    Benefits activation
  • Capability framework
  • 1. Diagnosis & shaping
  • 2. Data enhancement
  • 3. Benefits activation



Instant spare parts identification for maintenance urgent interventions

Equipment downtime reduction is key to improving Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), and the main focus for Maintenance.

However, improving equipment reliability is a tricky technical challenge, that sometimes requires important investments.

Reducing failure diagnosis duration or repair time to decrease the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) may not be much easier.

The good news is that there is one last area for optimization of your equipment downtime, which presents neither technical complexity nor necessity for investing in new production equipment. You just need to progress on the time lapse to identify and issue the right spare part for your intervention: 20 minutes searching for the right part while an equipment is down costs money...

Neonec structures and completes all the technical description data to allow immediate part identification from simple data sorting and filtering in your system.


Full leverage of your spare parts data for sourcing and contract application

A huge variety of items, numerous end users around the world, technical complexity and a risk of impacting the production flow… the MRO spare parts sourcing category is not the easiest to manage.

However, a proper data set can correct some common challenges and drastically improve the savings you can expect in the category.

Data quality issues often significantly reduce expenditure adressed by sourcing initiatives. Data enhancement will directly impact the reach of your sourcing events.

Turning tons of incomplete free-text data into a structured format will also allow you to get the detailed visibility on the consumption volumes you can leverage in a negotiation.

Enhancing data quality will also support the identification of the right parts by end users among negotiated prices lists, improving savings realization.

Those combined effects will multiply the actual savings you can expect in the category.


Efficient removal of spare parts duplicates and inventory sharing

The concept of removing duplicate parts is simple and known by virtually any industrial company, but few have been implementing it successfully.

First obstacle: comparing each pair of parts one by one to identify duplicates would take…decades. Which means thst you will not make it without preliminary data structuration allowing efficient automated comparison.

Second obstacle: similar data in an Excel spreadsheet or a SAP table does not always correspond to exact similar parts in a storeroom. On top of the right data and tool, only specific rules will allow you to remove duplicates without the risk of scraping the part you will need for an upcoming emergency.

You will face the same complexity when trying to identify references eligible for cross-sites inventory sharing.

Neonec enhances your data then runs mass spare parts comparison and supports you until your overstock is gone.


Facilitated equipment design and spare parts standardization

When designing new equipment, engineers select the part matching precise technical criteria in the system. It is often a challenge to identify it among the mess of free-text, incomplete available data… It is time consuming, and sometimes unsuccessful, resulting in the creation of a duplicate in the database.

A duplicate means future overstock, as well as additional work to describe a part already managed in your system again.

Insufficient data quality is also an obstacle for any attempt of technical standardization or substitution, reinforcing the dependence towards the current manufacturers.

Homogenization of technical description rules and mass reprocessing of the spare parts master data by Neonec allows you to select the part you need in a few clicks within the existing portfolio, and to efficiently focus your efforts when you want to run a standardization or technical substitution campaign.


Spare parts data quality enhanced and put under control over time

If you are administrating spare parts databases, you may have inherited poor data quality resulting from years of bottom-up data creation by numerous users – basically from the time ERP data started to replace paper.

It is difficult to objectively define this data quality until you list the exact information you need for each type of part. It is also difficult to measure it, as free-text data does not allow to quantify the content you have and the content you miss.

The last difficulty: spare parts data are slow-moving data. Which means that you may not see any significant improvement of your database before many years, if you do not set up a mass data enhancement project to tackle the problem.

Neonec can help you to define the right description rules and massively reprocess your master data to align it with this new standard – and leave you with both a sound situation and the keys to maintaining it.


Full use of CMMS functionalities, positive user experience and maximal adoption

“Garbage in, garbage out”. If you are managing the implementation of a new CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), you are probably familiar with this expression. A best-in-class system will bring no more value than the data will allow.

However, field users will often make no distinction between system issues and data issues. Poor data may result in poor adoption and multiple complaints about the new system.

Neonec can migrate legacy spare parts data to a specific format required by a new system in a timely manner.

This includes spare parts classification and structured technical description following precise formatting conventions.

Neonec will do it in a way that “works” technically speaking, but also in the way that will create value for the end users – including maintenance, sourcing, inventory management, engineering… – to make your system implementation a success story.

Our approach

Our approach combines business experience, off-shore workforce and dedicated tools

To get a return on investment from a spare parts data enhancement project, you will need the right mix of three ingredients: specific tools, efficient and affordable project workforce and a deep understanding of business content and objectives.

If you lack one of these ingredients, you risk paying too much to obtain the value you expect, or – maybe worse – paying less, but getting no benefit.

Adapted tools will speed-up the massive data processing, but also ensure data integrity, allow efficient parts comparison, and reduce your project costs and duration.

A trained workforce applying a robust methodology will be complementary to our data processing tools. Based off-shore, they handle the necessary manual work at an efficient cost.

Finally, processing mechanically spare parts data as any other set of data cannot bring significant value. That is why we think that the experience of our business consultants in MRO optimization will be key to turning your data project into a successful business project.

Our consultants help you to shape and execute a project oriented on business needs

A spare parts data enhancement project will only be successful if it brings you concrete benefits such as reducing your inventory value, achieving sourcing savings or efficiently supporting your day-to-day operations.

What is the value of classifying your data if the level of granularity is not adapted to your business? Or the value of searching for duplicates in your database if the comparison criteria are not fully reliable? In which case is it worth spending time searching for complementary information, in which case is it a superfluous cost?

Neonec consultants will propose relevant, operable and sustainable classification and description standards. They will help you to avoid common pitfalls limiting the added value of the initiative or generating extra costs, and manage planning and quality along the project.

Our spare parts sourcing and inventory management expertise will ensure that the effort put on data is always business-oriented and that you exploit your enhanced data set to the maximum potential.

Our methodology embeds tools limiting workload and assisting manual tasks

Tools are not what we sell, but what we use to get the job done quicker and cheaper.

We developed a modular set of tools and assets, all embedded in our lean methodology framework, that we operate ourselves to deliver the enhanced data with the quality level you expect directly to you.

First, a technical data structure adapted to each data use case, that you can use with little to no preliminary customization.

Then the different mass data processing algorithms we use to limit the manual workload of data classification, data reformatting, and data comparison.

It also includes the elements needed to speed-up the remaining manual tasks: a referent base of technical data from manufacturer catalogues, optimized ergonomic templates, easy-to-access sources of information and technical guidelines. One minute saved multiplied by 100 000 parts represents roughly one person's year of work…

Finally, database management for traceability of actions and efficient PMO.

Our trained off-shore team processes big volumes of manual tasks at limited costs

Because your business is not about processing spare parts data, we will do it for you! This also includes tasks that an algorithm cannot tackle alone.

To finish the job after automated mass processing, Neonec relies on an off-shore team trained to operate our methodology and tools. This cost-efficient team will deal with the remaining tasks of manual classification, data formatting and research of complementary data in manufacturer documentation.

The team members, specialized by technical domain (electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic & pneumatic), are familiar with all the main manufacturer catalogues and with the optimized templates they use to perform manual tasks in a record time.

This off-shore workforce integrates not only technical specialists but also linguistic referents who can support processing of spare parts data in multiple languages.

The team can be sized to deliver the project within an aggressive timeline that takes into account your business constraints.


Our commitment throughout the project is to carry out the job while limiting your involvement to the minimum level necessary, allowing you to retain control while avoiding disruption of your operational activities.

  • Before mass data processing starts, we will leverage our experience to help you to shape your data enhancement project.

    This phase can be quick, but is critical for making the full project a success at the best cost.

    Our consultants will start by collecting your expectations and constraints. Do you want to launch a transversal project adapted for all data users or something more specific to support sourcing or duplicates identification for example? Do you have specific planning constraints such as an upcoming system deployment?

    We will also collect a first data set and any technical structure already in use in your company. This will allow us to diagnose initial data quality and shape it according to the enhancement effort.

    We will then propose a technical structure adjusted to the level of complexity required for your business goals, and confirm the scope of parts worth the enhancement effort. You will then validate the most adapted project scenario in terms of timing and return on investment.

  • We work offline on flat data extracted from your ERP. It allows you to retain control of the precise scope of parts you submit us, it avoids multiple external users having access to your system, it prevents any disturbance to ERP users during the recodification process and allows you to validate the quality of the data we deliver before they go live in your ERP.

    Though part of the work will occur in our off-shore office, our on-shore consultants will remain your single points of contact to ensure continuity throughout the whole project.

    We will deliver you batches of enhanced data ready to be re-uploaded onto your system. Between two deliveries, the disturbance for you will be limited at the most to few disambiguation questions on the conventions you want to use in your to-be master data. We will, however, be available to listen to any feedback or technical comments you may have and to integrate them into future deliveries.

    We will also provide you regular reports on thev project progress and the achieved data quality.

  • Once your spare parts data contain the right information organized the right way, efficient part segmentation and a comparison become possible.

    Our consultants can guide you on how to identify and qualify the business opportunities it opens: duplicate inventory suppression, inventory sharing, sourcing volumes consolidation, spare parts standardization or substitution…

    Our tools will allow us to provide efficient mass data comparison reports, adapted to the business objectives.

    The operational experience and analytical skills of our consultants will then be at your service to qualify, plan and execute a pragmatic action plan.

    You will then realize additional P&L or Working Capital savings on top of bringing all your data end-users the efficiency and comfort of an enhanced database from the day you re-upload it to your ERP.

    To sustain those projects benefits, we will also help you to set-up the right parts creation processes within your organization or with our on-going support.

Our differentiators


Our positioning at the intersection of consulting, data processing and off-shore services is a unique mix specifically adapted to bring the best return on investment from your spare parts data project.


Some companies can sell you a data processing software. We prefer to operate our tools to sell you what you really need: good data adapted to support your business

Focus on Return
on Investment

Our value proposition: shape a project formula adapted to your expectations to bring you the best return on investment from your data enhancement project.